Core Faculty

Paul Cadden-Zimansky
<>Paul Cadden-Zimansky Associate Professor of Physics (at Bard since 2012)
Director, Physics Program

Office: Rose 113
Phone: 845-758-7584

Ph.D., Physics, Northwestern University (2008)
M.S., Physics, Northwestern University (2004)
MSc, Philosophy & History of Science, London School of Economics (2001)
B.A., Liberal Arts, St. John's College, Santa Fe (1997)

Teaching Experience

2012 to present: Assistant Professor of Physics, Bard College
2011 to 2012:  Lecturer-in-Discipline, Physics Department, Columbia University
2002 to 2004:  Teaching Assistant, Physics Department, Northwestern University
2001 to 2002:  Assistant Faculty Associate, Physics Department, University of Wisconsin
1996 to 1997:  Senior Math-Lab Tutor, St. John's College
1994 to 1995:  Lab Assistant, St. John's College

Physics Research Experience

2010 to 2012: Science Fellow, Columbia University
2008 to 2010: Postdoctoral Researcher, Columbia University & The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
2004 to 2008: Research Assistant, Northwestern University
2005 to 2006: Graduate Researcher, Argonne National Laboratory

Publications and Invited Talks

P. Cadden-Zimansky, M. Shinn, G. T. Myers, Y. Chu, M. J. Dalrymple, and H. C. Travaglini Formation of the n = 0 Landau level in hybrid graphene Journal of Physics Communications 2, 051001 (2018).

L.-C. Tung, W. Yu, P. Cadden-Zimansky, I. Miotkowski, Y. P. Chen, D. Smirnov, and Z. Jiang Magnetoinfrared spectroscopic study of thin Bi2Te3 single crystals Physical Review B 93, 085140 (2016).

P. Maher, L. Wang, Y. Gao, C. Forsythe, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, D. Abanin, Z. Papić, P. Cadden-Zimansky, J. Hone, Philip Kim, C. R. Dean Tunable fractional quantum Hall phases in bilayer graphene Science, 345, 61 (2014).

P Cadden-Zimansky, J. Wei, and V. Chandrasekhar Coherent nonlocal correlations in Andreev interferometers New Journal of Physics 14, 043004 (2012).

A. F. Young, C. R. Dean, L. Wang, H. Ren, P. Cadden-Zimansky, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. Hone, K.L. Shepard, and P. Kim  Spin and valley quantum Hall ferromagnetism in graphene Nature Physics8, 553-556 (2012).

Y. Zhao, P. Cadden-Zimansky, F. Ghahari, and P. Kim Magnetoresistance Measurements of Graphene at the Charge Neutrality Point Physical Review Letters 108, 106804 (2012).

Interaction-Driven Quantum Hall States in Graphene Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Hall Systems 4, Peking University, Beijing, China (2011).

C.R. Dean, A.F. Young, P. Cadden-Zimansky, L. Wang, H. Ren, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Kim, J. Hone, K.L. Shepard Multicomponent fractional quantum Hall effect in graphene Nature Physics 7, 693 (2011).

Pencil + Tape = Topological Quantum Computation? — The New Two-Dimensional Universe of Graphene  Swarthmore College Physics Colloquium, Swarthmore, PA (2010).

F. Ghahari, Y. Zhao, P. Cadden-Zimansky, K. Bolotin, and P. Kim Measurement of the  = 1/3 fractional quantum Hall energy gap in suspended graphene Physical Review Letters 106, 046801 (2010).

J. Qi, X. Chen, W. Yu, P. Cadden-Zimansky, D. Smirnov, N. H. Tolk, I. Miotkowski, H. Cao, Y. P. Chen, Y. Wu, S. Qiao, Z. Jiang Ultrafast carrier and phonon dynamics in Bi2Se3 crystals Applied Physics Letters, 97, 182102 (2010).

Cooper pair mediated coherence between two normal metals American Physical Society March Meeting, Portland, OR (2010).

Y. Zhao, P. Cadden-Zimansky, Z. Jiang, and P. Kim Symmetry breaking of the zero energy Landau level in bilayer graphene Physical Review Letters, 104, 066801 (2010).

E. A. Henriksen, P. Cadden-Zimansky, Z. Jiang, Z. Q. Li, L.-C. Tung, M. E. Schwartz, M. Takita, Y.-J. Wang, P. Kim, and H. L. Stormer Interaction-induced shift of the cyclotron resonance in graphene using infrared spectroscopy Physical Review Letters, 104, 067404 (2010).

P. Cadden-Zimansky, J. Wei, and V. Chandrasekhar Cooper pair mediated coherence between two normal metals Nature Physics, 5, 393 (2009).

P. Cadden-Zimansky, Ya. B. Bazaliy, L. M. Litvak, J. S. Jiang, J. Pearson, J. Y. Gu, Chun-Yeol You, M. R. Beasley, and S. D. Bader Asymmetric ferromagnet-superconductor-ferromagnet switch Physical Review B, 77, 184501 (2008).

J. Wei, P. Cadden-Zimansky, and V. Chandrasekhar Observation of large h/2e and h/4e oscillations in a proximity dc SQUID Applied Physics Letters, 92, 102502 (2008).

P. Cadden-Zimansky, Z. Jiang, and V. Chandrasekhar Thermopower oscillation symmetries in a double-loop Andreev interferometer Physica E, 40, 155 (2007).

P. Cadden-Zimansky, Z. Jiang, and V. Chandrasekhar Charge imbalance, crossed Andreev reflection and elastic co-tunnelling in ferromagnet/superconductor/ normal-metal structures New Journal of Physics 9, 116 (2007).

Transition temperature shifts in asymmetric FSF multilayers Spin Physics of  Superconducting Heterostructures Conference, Physikcentrum, Bad Honnef, Germany (2006).

P. Cadden-Zimansky and V. Chandrasekhar Nonlocal Correlations in Normal-Metal Superconducting Systems Physical Review Letters 97, 237003 (2006).

Y. Seo, P. Cadden-Zimansky, and V. Chandrasekhar Low-temperature high-resolution magnetic force microscopy using a quartz tuning fork Applied Physics Letters, 87, 103103 (2005).