Core Faculty

Simeen Sattar

Simeen Sattar

Professor of Chemical Physics
Office: Hegeman 202
Phone: (845)758-7226

PhD Yale University 1982 Chemistry
BA Rosemont College 1978 Chemistry

For my first 25 years at Bard, I taught general and physical chemistry.  Since then my teaching has switched to generating and teaching laboratory-based courses for non-science majors.  Among them are Paint and Examination of Paintings, which arose from my interest in art history; Photographic Processes, which arose from an interest in the process of invention; and Starlight, which arose from teaching quantum mechanics and spectroscopy.  I also offer a short course called Nuclear and Chemical Weapons, because I feel that a basic scientific understanding is vital to understanding  the news and issues at stake.

In recent years I have concentrated on developing and writing up laboratory experiments for Paints and Photographic Processes.  Currently, I am extending an experiment using thin-layer chromatography to identify natural textile dyes.

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