Program Overview

Program Overview

The Physics Program at Bard College is dedicated to helping students at all levels gain a better understanding of the universe and how it works.

As in all Bard programs, classes are small, with 20-30 students in the introductory classes, 10-15 in intermediate classes, and 1-5 in advanced classes and tutorials. This allows a high level of student-teacher interaction, as each faculty member handles all aspects of the course themselves: lectures, laboratories, discussion sections, and grading. That way, we are well attuned to the strengths and the needs of each of our students. Classes are never solely lectures, as student questions and comments lead to clarification or elaboration, or take the discussion in unexpected directions. Outside of class, faculty spend a great deal of time with individuals or small groups of students, discussing homework problems, laboratory work, or extensions beyond what was covered in class. more>

Hear from Our Students

Listen to our students discuss their research, collaborations with faculty, and interdisciplinary study at Bard.