Senior Projects

Senior Projects
Gold leads attached to a 5-micron-wide graphene sample fabricated for a senior project


  • A Technical Analysis and Exploration of Guitar Pickups and Electronics
    Hunter Factor
  • A Detection Algorithm for Microlensing Events in Wide-Field Surveys
    Daniel Godines Alcantara
  • A Study of Neural Networks for the Quantum Many-Body Problem
    Liam Schramm, Ph.D. Student (Rutgers U., Computer Science)
  • Relativity and the Quartz Crystal Oscillator
    Noah Schwink-Zanella
  • Understanding, Designing, and Building a Hydroelectric Generator
    Nick Shenberger


  • Maximal Quantum Effects Outside A Spinning Black Hole: An Exploration Of The Kerr Metric
    Victoria Chayes, Ph.D. Student (Rutgers U., Mathematics)
  • Plasma Striations in Vacuum Chambers
    Loren Jackson
  • Complex Semiclassics: Classical Models for Tunneling Using Complex Trajectories
    Max Meynig
  • Competing Theories of Pitch Perception
    Nowell Stoddard
  • Two Topics in Astrophysics: Exoplanetary Gravitational Microlensing and Radio Interferometry
    Eleanor Turrell
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Chen Zhang


  • Photovoltaics: An Investigation into the Origins of Efficiency on All Scales 
    Jeremy Bannister
  • Well, It's About Time
    Dan Gagne
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Bill Nguyen
  • An Exploration of Chaotic Behavior in Electrical Circuits
    Ryan O'Connell
  • Analogy: A Decomposition of Space and Time
    D. J. Shoemaker
  • Gaussian Cosmology:  A New Model for the Accelerated Expansion of the Universe
    Brian Strigel
  • Quantized Conductance in Transport Experiments: The Landauer-Büttiker Perspective
    Clark Travaglini, Ph.D. Student (UC Davis, Physics)
  • Midlatitude Storm Dynamics: Testing the Eady Model
    Maya Weingrod Sandor


  • Construction of a Nuclear Shell Model
    Emily Conant, Ph.D. Student (Texas A&M, Physics)
  • Effects of Atmospheric Thermodynamics on Satellite Rain Detection
    Michael DiRosa
  • Concept and Application of a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine
    Leo Kaupert
  • Photoconductivity of Graphene in a Magnetic Field
    Trevor LaMountain, Ph.D. Student (Northwestern U., Applied Physics)
  • The Collective Cyclotron Motion of the Relativistic Plasma in Graphene: A Hydrodynamic Study
    Andres Martinez de Velasco, M.S. Student (Freie Universitat in Berlin, Physics)
  • Spinor Parallel Transport in Spacetime
    Eli Regen, M.S. Student (IIT, Physics)
  • Quantum Optical Coherence Tomography Variations with Polarization Sensitivity
    Clara Sekowski, M.S. Student (Boston U., Physics)
  • A Study of Charge Transport Properties of Single-Molecule Junctions using Density Functional Theory
    Ingrid Stolt, Ph.D. Student (Northwestern U., Physics)
  • Constructing the Quantum Steering Ellipsoid Using State Measurement of Biphotons 
    Carter Vanderbilt
  • Cloudgazing: A Phenomenological Methodology
    Daniel Waldo


  • Observation and Recollection: Reconstructing Michael Faraday’s Discovery of Electromagnetic Induction
    Charlotte Ames
  • The Hofstadter Butterfly and IR Spectroscopy of High Mobility Graphene
    Eames Bennett, Ph.D. Student (Texas A&M, Physics)
  • Representation Theory and Its Application in Particle Physics
    Yan Chu, Ph.D. Student (Duke, Mathematics)
  • Quantum Hall Effect in Hybrid Graphene
    Gavin Myers, Ph.D. Student (Boston College, Physics)
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene-Boron Nitride van der Waals Heterostructure
    Min Kyung Shinn, Ph.D. Student (Washington U. of St. Louis, Physics)


  • A Model of Charge Transport in a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell 
    Emily Carlson, Postbaccalaureate Fellow (American Museum of Natural History)
  • The Deformation of a Zn-Sn Alloy
    Kierstin Daviau, Ph.D. Student (Yale U., Geophysics)
  • Directional Quorum Sensing and Hydrogel Diffusion Studies Within Microfluidic Devices
    Jose Falla, Ph.D. Student (U. of Colorado, Chemistry)
  • Acoustic Analysis of Gamelan Bars
    Sun Bin Kim
  • Frustrated Total Internal Reflection of Microwaves
    Andres Medina, B.S. Student (Columbia U., Electrical Engineering)
  • Two Dimensional Shape Reconstruction By Optical Diffuse Imaging Using Monte Carlo
    Jose Mendez, B.S. Student (Columbia U., Mechanical Engineering)
  • Supersymmetry and Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
    Mark Neznansky, MSc Student (Bernstein Center, Berlin, Computational Neuroscience)
  • Convective Available Potential Energy Through the Years and Above Southwestern Oklahoma
    Nolan Reece
  • Electronic Transport in Graphene: Measuring the Integer Quantum Hall Effect in Large-Area, Monolayer Samples
    Jonah Richard, B.S. Student (Columbia U., Chemical Engineering)
  • An Exploration of Window Films: Optical and Thermal Properties
    Frank Stortini, Plant Manager (Linde North America)
  • Electricity in Two Dimensions: Measuring Electrical Interface Effects of Single and Bilayer Graphene
    Oliver Switzer, Programmer (HowAboutWe)
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Jun Tian, MBA Student (Carnegie Mellon)


  • Sustainable Energy Design: Cutting Energy Consumption Due to Heating
    Nadedja Artiomenco, Department Member (New School, Economics)
  • An Experimental Investigation of the Directivity of Violin Sound Radiation
    Rachel Becker, Student (Violin Making School of America)
  • Supersymmetric Gauge Theory
    Ke Cai, Ph.D. Student (U. of Texas, Mathematics)
  • Measuring Planck’s Constant Using Light-emitting Diodes
    Andrew Hoffman-Patalona, MAT (Bard)
  • An Exploration of Various Topics of Mechanics, Motors, Motor Control
    Anirban Joy, Physicist (1st Detect Mass Spectrometers)
  • Quantum Codes and Computation
    Sankalpa Khadka, Neurology Lab Technician (Yale U.)


  • Electron Scattering in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields: A Semiclassical Study
    Alexandros Fragkopoulos, Ph.D. Student (Georgia Tech, Physics)
  • Identification of Magnetic Activity from Solar Spectral Analysis
    Leandra Merola, Salesperson (Skygroup Realty)
  • MUSCLE: A Simulation Toolkit Modeling Low Energy Muon Beam Transport in Crystals
    Nazmus Saquib, M.S. (U. of Utah, Computational Engineering & Science), Ph.D. Student (MIT, Media Lab)
  • A Mathematical Exploration of Low-dimensional Black Holes
    Abigail Stevens, MSc (U. of Alberta, Physics), Ph.D. Student (U. of Amsterdam, Astronomy)


  • The Casimir Oscillator
    Jacob Ezerski
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Derek Hernandez, Research Associate (Brean Capital)
  • Eddy Current Forces and Torques Experienced by a Moving Magnet
    Jason Mastbaum, M.S. (Columbia U., Applied Physics), Research Assistant (Rand Corporation)
  • Factorization, SUSY QM, and Shape Invariance
    Jacob Pooler, Project Manager (Hildred Management)


  • Aeroelasticity and Vibration of Composite Aircraft Wings: Transverse Oscillation of Composite Wings Modeled as Simple Beams
    Paulos Ashebir, Ph.D. (UC Irvine, Transportation Science)
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Mathias Bahlke, Ph.D. (MIT, Electrical Engineering)
  • An Exploration of Thermodynamic and Electromagnetic Phenomena in Plasmas
    Taposhi Biswas, MAT (Stony Brook), Science & Math Teacher (Cambridge School of Weston)
  • Sustainable Energy: A Solar Solution
    Srijna Jha, M.S. (Humboldt U., Sustainability)
  • Planet Building 101: An Introduction on How to Play God
    Leila Makdisi, M.A. (U. of Chicago, History & Philosophy of Physics), Mission Specialist (Adler Planetarium)
  • The Quantum Wheel
    Shafat Mubin, Ph.D. Student (Penn State, Physics)
  • An Investigation of Inflationary Cosmology
    Marjorie Schillo, Ph.D. (NYU, Physics), Postdoctoral Researcher (KU Leuven)
  • Theoretical Investigations in the Field of Thermoelectricity
    Miroslav Stodic
  • Active Noise Control: Me and My Acoustic Shadow
    Ani Toncheva, Construction Consultant (Wilson Ihrig & Associates)
  • An Investigation into Improving the Efficiency of Solar Cells
    Junhao Zhou, Ph.D. Student (U. of Texas, Geosystems & Chemical Engineering)
  • Analysis of Heterogeneous Patterns and Social Dynamics in Human Communication
    Zhechao Zhou, M.S. (U. of Michigan, Applied Math), M.S. (CUNY, Financial Engineering), Quantitative Researcher (ITG)


  • Guitar Acoustics: A Theoretical Model
    Seth Hodson, M.S. (Boston University, Physics), Engineer (VizTools)
  • Heliocentric: A General Look at the Foundational Physics of Photovoltaics
    Andrew Kopas, Sales and Game Development (Carnival Labs)
  • Gold-Gold, Bang Bang: Elliptic Flow in 20 GeV Au-Au Collisions at RHIC
    Evan Sangaline, Ph.D. (UC Davis, Physics), Physicist & Programmer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Diffusion Ordered Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    Kenechi Ugwoke, Business Analyst (Lufthansa)


  • The Success of the Rad Lab at MIT
    William Ardito
  • Quintessential Inflation in a Rotating Universe
    Jacob Backon, M.E. (Ohio University, Education), Physics & Math Teacher (St. Mark's School)
  • Investigations in ‘Intermediate’ Statistical Mechanics
    Margaret Gatza, Executive Assistant (Bruner/Cott)
  • Invisible Barriers: A Study of Resonance Phenomena in Quantum Mechanics
    Sean Maloney
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae
    Genaro Sanchez


  • Micro-Hydropower at Bard: A Prefeasibility Study
    Megan Kerins, Field Operations Manager (Sunrun)
  • Stellar Evolution: Neutron Star
    Nathaniel Morgan, 3D Generalist (Bad Robot Productions)
  • Achieving Electronic Perception: A Color-Sensing Robot
    Jonathan Myers, Engineering Intern (Leupold & Stevens)
  • An Investigation of Radiation Therapies for Cancer Treatment
    Na'ama Zuessman, M.S. (Tel Aviv U., Physics), Software Engineer (Sizmek)


  • An Examination of Critical Opalescence in Partially Miscible Binary Liquid Systems
    Trefor Evans, Professional Staff (Johns Hopkins U., Applied Physics Laboratory)
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Jiaming Mao, Ph.D. (Penn State, Economics)
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Ambika Orrill, M.S. (Stanford, Construction Engineering), Senior Engineer (Kleinfelder/Wong)
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Wai Quon Tom


  • Temperature Transformation and Relativistic Thermodynamics of an Ideal Gas
    David Daniels
  • An Experiment to Determine the Skin Depth and Fermi Velocity in Metals
    Feng Jiang
  • 3-2 Engineering (Columbia U.)
    Brian Yanity, M.S. (U. of Alaska, Geophysics), Engineer (Pacific Industrial Electric)


  • Eddy Currents in Bounded Configurations
    Vasilica Crecea, Ph.D. (U. of Illinois, Physics)
  • Approximating Waves in Stiff Strings
    Christopher Grinnan, Linux Sysem Administrator (Caterpillar)
  • Simulation of the Time Evolution of Quantum Mechanical Systems in Two Dimensions
    Jurvis LaSalle, Computer Systems Speicalist (Boston Children's Hospital)
  • Signal Processing in the Cardiac Cycle
    Tanveer Talukdar, Ph.D student (Dartmouth, Biomedical Engineering)


  • Desegregations of Mechanics
    Daniel Newsome, Ph.D. (CUNY, History of Science), Lecturer (Stevens Institute & Bard BPI)
  • A Study of the Duffing Oscillator with Discontinuous Input
    Katheryn Ross, New York Public Interest Research Group


  • Temperature Dependence of Magnetic Susceptibility in Eu 3+ Compounds
    Lisa Downward, Ph.D. (UC Santa Cruz, Physics), Analytics Engineer (Lattice Engines)
  • A Numerical Model for the Navier-Stokes Equation
    Ivan Dramaliev, M.S. (UC Santa Cruz, Computer Science), Independent Computer Software Professional
  • Cello String Dynamics
    Amanda Holt, Ph.D. (UC Santa Cruz, Physics), Postdoc (Penn)
  • Potential Energy Differences between Rotamers in 1,2-dihaloethanes
    Melanie Pender, Senior Health Information Consultant (WellPoint)
  • Physical, Physiological, and Neurological Components of Human Touch Reception
    Lynne Purvis, Environmental Activist


  • Hamiltonian Mechanics in Phase Space: A Geometric Approach
    Eduardo Rozo, Ph.D. (U. of Chicago, Cosmology), Research Associate (Stanford)
  • Induced Magnetic Attraction between Same-Sign Magnetic Poles
    Corina Tanasa, Ph.D. (Mass. Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering), LL.D. (George Wash. U.), Patent Attorney (Birch, Stewart, Kolasch, & Birch)
  • Neutrino Oscillations
    Jeremy Thomas, Ph.D.(U. of Washington, Physics), Researcher (Northwest Research Associates)